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May: Nieuwsbrief 5 The Dreams in Africa Foundation

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December: Review 2012 + New Years wish 2013
From April 2012 until the end of the year, our chairwoman Noor van Hout was a ‘Project manager Education and Development’ for Meet Kate Foundation, a local NGO in Ghana. She used this time to improve the quality of care and education for young children, specifically through individual attention for the children and the training, guidance and support of local teachers. She had a lot of fun and satisfaction working in the children’s home, the day care and the new primary school, which officially opens at the end of January 2013. Now, after 9 months she can leave Meet Kate knowing that she has laid the groundwork for continued success!
Meet Kate ( is a special organization with a high standard and a family atmosphere! With our motto; “Dream BIG and aim high!” Noor stands behind their method without a doubt. Although using help from outside, Meet Kate is supported by the local community and has the goal to eventually be self-sufficient. They pursue this goal through local initiatives (such as a chicken farm and cocoa plantation), so that the organization does not remain dependent on income from the richer northern hemisphere.

As most of you know, The Dreams in Africa Foundation supports another special local initiative; The Friends Foundation, consisting of a children’s home and primary school. They are also working hard to achieve a higher standard and self-sufficiency. You can read an update of recent work and results and plans for the coming years in the newsletter and budget of The Friends Foundation on our website:
Noor is keenly aware that her work for Meet Kate has taken some attention away from Dreams in Africa. Her apologies for this. However, this does not mean that the Dreams in Africa work has slowed down last year. On the contrary! Here is a short summary of all the work that we have accomplished in 2012:

1. Through Noor’s father’s birthday and her parents’ 30-year wedding anniversary, we were able to raise 1,850 euros for the construction of a new children’s home in Southern Ghana.
2. In addition, a Dutch group of students made a trip to Ghana in July and raised more than their target amount of 7,500 euros. These proceeds went towards the construction of the new children’s home and a mango tree plantation. The trip itself was also very successful and a great experience for all of us! For photos of this adventurous and educational youth trip, go to:
3. Hein van Hout again took part in the Nijmeegse 4-day fundraising walk, raising 1,660 euros of donations. In consultation with the project manager for the Friends Foundation, these funds will be allocated.
4. After a short visit from Paul Hirschel and Caroline Dessing of the Julia Foundation to The Friends Foundation in Ghana, they kindly donated 1.500 euros to sponsor Senior Secondary School students.
5. With the same goal of sponsoring students, the Udens College also donated 1,500 euros after a presentation about our Foundation.
6. Our volunteer program: “Let’s go Ghana!” began with its first 4 volunteers for The Friends Foundation: Eva Relou, Suzanne Haus, Anja de Boer and Susan Hijmans. In addition, Anja and Susan independently took action to quickly raise 2,100 euros from family and friends within a couple of weeks, which was a very pleasant surprise. These funds will also go towards school tuition to benefit young people in the Senior Secondary School. Eva has teamed up with her family and sponsored a child of the orphanage to support in his school.
7. A total of 14 vulnerable children/youth of The Friends Foundation are now sponsored by our supporters. For our sponsors, see:
8. We still have the same number of friends (9) who support our daily work with a contribution of 5 euros per month. We hope that this number will grow in the coming year!

For those who would like to remain informed of the latest developments and news more frequently, please sign up on our Facebook page through the ‘Like’ button at:

In short, another successful year is complete! Without your support, commitment and confidence, we could not have done this. Our great thanks for this and, above all, we wish you all a very happy new year!!

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March: In the Botswana national news paper!
Here you can find the article about the community development work of Noor van Hout and Laurens Steenbekker in the Botswana national Daily News Paper 18th March 2011! Together with the community, local government and other NGO’s (Non-governmental Organizations) they organized the Bokopano Community Football Event for the most disadvantaged communities and needy people in Serowe, Botswana. You can also visit; Title: Holland volunteers in community upliftment.

January: The first child is (financially) adopted!
The first adoptive parents have signed up! Genevieve, a 16 year old intelligent Senior student, grew up in the orphanage “Friends Children’s Home and Orphanage”. She is lucky to be the first one of many children at the orphanage to get adopted. She is now structurally sponsored, on a monthly basis, with a certain amount of money especially for her.  With this she can be supported and encouraged in school and in her personal development on her way to a better future. Great thanks to the Adoptive Parents, on behalf of Genevieve. You will be hearing much from her! The other Senior students are still waiting patiently for someone’s help. Since there are insufficient financial resources available at the moment for all the youngsters to go to Senior Secondary School, they therefore have no choice but to stay at home in the orphanage. They are mainly involved in agricultural work, weaving or doing various chores around the orphanage.  These children are however so eager to go to school. The last ‘Ghana Go to School’ fundraising almost raised about 1000 Euro; which was great, but unfortunately, not enough for all the children to go  back to school. Your support can still make a difference! Give to The Dreams in Africa Foundation, account number: 455413401 and give a child the chance of a better future.

Dreams in Africa wishes you a HAPPY New Year!
Download the card here.

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September: The Go to School Sponsorship Program 2010
We started a new school year for the children and other young people in Ghana! Last year this program was a success, raising 2500,- Euros so 5 youngsters from the orphanage could start Senior Secondary School. With sufficient funds, they can continue going to school. This year there are 5 children from the orphanage who passed their Junior High School Exam and can possibly continue with their study. Together we can make this a reality. After all, education is the most important weapon against poverty and it is the way to independence .

The Dreams in Africa Foundation: ABN Amro Bank Cuijk, The Netherlands
Account No.: 455413401 IBAN: NL93ABNA0455413401 BIC/Swift code: ABNANL2A
Or you may directly transfer your contribution into the bank account of the local project in Ghana; The Friends Foundation: Barclays Bank Accra, Ghana ltd. High Street Branch Accra Account number: 4381887 Swift code: BARCGHAC On behalf of the children of the Friends Children’s Home and Orphanage in Ghana, thank you for your support!

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