(Financial) Adoption program

Adopt and support a vulnerable child!

This adoption program is for any child, who can’t live at home or needs to take care for him or herself. For example, in case of lack of parental care, poverty, abundance, abuse or child labor. The goal of this program is to give the OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Child) a chance for a better future by financial support in personal care, medical care and education, so that children can be stimulated in their personal development.

Friends Home

For only 20, – Euros per month, your help can make a difference! This goes directly to the children of the Friends Children’s Home in Ghana. See the information under Projects – Ghana; The Friends Foundation.

Children for adoption
Friends Children’s Home currently takes care of  only 16 children: 4 girls and 12 boys between 2 and 25 years of age. This is good news, because many of them are now old and independent enough to live on their own in the community. Almost all of them have found a job or are still studying. Others are back with their family. This is stimulated by the Ghanaian government to encourage growing up with family in the community as much as possible instead of residential care. This is called the “family-based care” program, in which the most vulnerable children from a poor background and community are financially supported in their own environment and family to still be able to go to school.  This program is coordinated by The Friends Foundation.

We don’t want to favor one child over another, so the manager will decide who will be chosen. However, you can choose if you want a child between 0-12 years or an adolescent between 12-21 years of age.


  1. Please note that the adolescent cost is more than a younger child. The adolescentVictor en Richard @ Senior Secondary Schoolhas to be more independent by earning some of his own money. This is encouraged by the Kente-weaving project. When they go to Senior Secondary School, adolescents stay in a boarding house, which runs up expenses.
  2. Background information about the child is confidential except when the child is old enough and willing to give out this information. It is possible get in contact with      the child through postal letters or e-mail.
  3. Adoption can take place on an individual basis or as part of a family, a sports team, together with colleagues through work, etc. So, it is also possible that a child is sponsored by more than one adoptive parent.

Amina met haar nichtje

Ernest, Kwadzo, Akpeko

How can you adopt a child?

Fill in the Registration form Adoption program. Print it out and send it to:
The Dreams in Africa Foundation
Adoption Program
Korhoenderveld 44
5431 HH Cuijk
The Netherlands.
Or e-mail the completely filled in form to:info@dreamsinafrica.org


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