Special needs sponsor program

Like in Europe, there are many children in Ghana where the general development of the child doesn’t go like it supposed to. These children are challenged with a developmental delay or disorder.  Common examples are: Learning and/or language delay/disorder (e.g. Dyslexia), ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder) and Autism. These delays and disorders can be present from birth (genetically) or have different causes. For example; lack of oxygen during delivery, an accident or other traumatic experience, malnutrition, neglect, abuse and/or severe illnesses with high fever (e.g. malaria) or epilepsy.

This means that problems can occur in social-emotional, cognitive, physical and/or psycho-motor areas. Most of the time this will be expressed through the behaviour of the child, which will be considered as ‘abnormal’ and can’t be understood by their environment. Because of this conception a child can become isolated or even abandoned by the society.

In developing countries like Ghana there is still little known about these so called developmental disorders. Children are often described as very ‘stubborn’, ‘lazy’, ‘difficult’ and ‘not respectful’. Or sometimes even seen as/considered a ‘witch’ or possessed by an ‘evil spirit’. In the most underdeveloped areas the lives of these children are at risk. But even in the cities, like the capital of Ghana, Accra, understanding and support is difficult to find. The poor (majority of the population) and middle class people cannot afford professional psychiatrists and psychologists. Parents are often send from one hospital to another hospital, while trying to find out what is going on with their child. Wrong diagnoses are set and most of time there is no proper care, guidance and support available. Even educated and good willing parents with special needs children are left to themselves, because they cannot afford the expensive specialists and costs for special schools. Besides that, they cannot count on support of the government. There are no special institutions for these groups of children, no grants, special help materials or information facilities besides the internet, where questions of concerned parents will be addressed personally.

We would like to bridge this gap with our counselling and support services at homes and at schools in collaboration with the parents and the teacher. You can find more information about how we work under the tab ‘Services’.  With the Registration form sponsor program you can sponsor monthly for the necessary care, guidance and support of these special needs children, their parents and the school.

How can you sponsor a special needs child with a development delay and/or disorder?

Print and fill in the Registration form sponsor program. Send this to:

The Dreams in Africa Foundation
Attn. Sponsor program
Korhoenderveld 44
5431 HH Cuijk
The Netherlands

Or email it to: info@dreamsinafrica.org

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