(Pre-/Primary) School/ Teacher Support

We do not enter a school with the intention to judge or tell them what they do wrong and that we know better. Our aim is to support and to advice the staff in order to learn and implement new, additional teaching methods and structures in the school.

Our consulting services can range from:
– Teacher Training
– Monitoring and Assessment
– Coaching and Mentoring
– Curriculum design, planning and implementation
– Project/School Management
– Report of Advice
– Educational Workshops
carefully developed through observations, conversations and meetings. We cooperate and work closely with staff and management of the school.

Specifically, our job can consist of:

  • Support school teachers to review and agree on criteria for quality teaching and learning;
  • Train, coach and advice teachers on different teaching strategies, appropriate learning methodologies;
  • Advise on the development and consistently use new teaching and learning material and aids;
  • Introduce qualitative assessment of (girls) students on life skills, including HIV/AIDS and reproductive health awareness;
  • Advise on library set up;
  • Advise on the development of individual learning assessment of all children in their class and apply strategies to meet these;
  • Advise on the development of effective time tabling and monitoring to maximize pupil learning time;
  • Identify motivational support for teachers (e.g. participate in exchange visits, attend refresher courses, upgrade skills and award ‘teacher of the year certificates’);
  • Motivate teachers to identify, praise and share good practices among each other.

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