“What makes Dreams in Africa Counselling and Consultancy unique?”

Dream in Africa offers a unique international approach on child’s/youth development, stimulation and education through combining different scientifically proven methods and materials (e.g. Montessori Method, Early Learning, Child-Centred Education) based on values and experiences from multi-cultural backgrounds (e.g. European – African). Therefore, we believe we can offer each child “The best of both worlds!”

Noor also believes that the future of a child or organisation is written in its foundation. That is the reason why we focus on the basis of development; the start of life; the foundation.

The focus of our services is on quality; we look at the bigger picture without losing important details out of sight, not on quantity. Noor works independently or together with the support of professionals (international interns or volunteers), who have a suitable educational background and the heart and passion (a natural talent) for working with children and guiding them towards independency, as they are important role models.

We provide special care; diagnosis and treatment. We do not judge or label. Naturally children are not stupid, lazy or crazy. Everyone is unique and one of a kind. Nevertheless, children could be born with certain deficiencies and therefore a child might have special needs. We are responsible to meet these special needs and adapt to the child as much as possible. We involve parents and siblings, since family support is an important part of the counselling.

We stimulate engagement of parents, family members, teachers and/or management. Parents, caregivers and teachers support and collaborate with one another as partners in guiding children to reach their full potential at different stages. Engagement is a ‘must’ to succeed and make a long-term change.

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