The Dreams of Africa Foundation is financially dependent on sponsors and donors. The necessary means need to come from companies, funds, organizations, family and friends.

We invite all the people interested and involved in the work of Dreams in Africa to become Schooluniform + tradtionele kleding = vriendschapa Friend of the Foundation. In this way you can support the work of The Dreams in Africa Foundation. With a contribution of € 5, – per month we welcome you warmly as a friend and regular supporter.

You can also choose to adopt a child financially. This means that you give a child structural financial support in the areas of personal care, education and / or medical care. This encourages the child in his / her overall development and gives the child a chance for a better future. You can sponsor a child from € 20, – per month. You can also adopt one or more child (ren) of course together with your family, your sports team, your colleagues, etc. Kindly find more information and the Registration form Adoption program under the tab; Programs – Financial Adoption Program.

Would you prefer to support a specific (part of a) project financially? Your contribution is always welcome!

Donatie tenues door voetbalvereninging J.V.C.-Cuijk Bus gedoneerd door Stichting Plan Afrika

All sponsors and interested people are kept informed about the developments of the projects, through this website, the DiA newsletter or email, so that it is fully transparent what happens with their contribution.

Become a Friend: Would you also like to become a friend (donor)? Send an email to info@dreamsinafrica.org, fill in the form (under the tab; Contact) or call us.

Transfer a donation:If you would like donate a certain amount to (a part of) one of the projects, you can use the bank account of The Dreams in Africa Foundation.
Account name: The Dreams Foundation in Africa.
Place: Cuijk, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL93ABNA0455413401

It’s easiest to donate with a credit card through our personal PayPal account:

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With the acquired ANBI (General benefit organization = non-profit) status, all of your donations are tax deductible.

Sponsors and adoptive parents:

Friends (= regular supporters) of the foundation:
–          Nellie van der Kroon                                  Cuijk                                    The Netherlands
–          Tonny en Chris Gane                                 Krommenie                         The Netherlands
–          Tamara Lukassen                                       Willemstad                          Curacao
–          Carmen Tijssen en Marc Houtman        Cuijk                                      The Netherlands
–          Roel van Hout                                             Cuijk                                      The Netherlands
–          Annemiek van Poppel                               Breda                                     The Netherlands
–          Hanneke Meilink                                       Nijmegen                               The Netherlands
–          Kim Perry                                                    Tilburg                                  The Netherlands
–          Ria Rodenburg                                           Dronten                                 The Netherlands
–          Mari van Lieshout                                     Gouda                                     The Netherlands
–         Huize Boszicht                                         Eindhoven                                The Netherlands

Adoptive parents (= structural support for vulnerable child(eren) in Ghana):
–          Hein van Hout & Nellie van der Kroon        Cuijk                      The Netherlands
–          Paul en Monique Dekker                                 Cuijk                     The Netherlands
–          Marieke Dekker & Sander Bosch                   Utrecht                 The Netherlands
–          Lonneke Peperkamp                                       Katwijk                  The Netherlands
–          Maarten Hop                                                     Nijmegen              The Netherlands
–          Annemiek Verheggen                                      Den Haag              The Netherlands
–          Paul en Monique Stassen                               Utrecht                  The Netherlands
–          Mark Ekelschot en Tamara Levering          Hoofddorp            The Netherlands
–          Harold en Ivonne Kersten                            Zoetermeer           The Netherlands
–          Eva en familie Relou                                       Mill                        The Netherlands
–          Joyce Jacobs                                                    Cuijk                      The Netherlands
–          Noisy Voices (choir)                                       Cuijk                      The Netherlands
–          Anja en Maurits de Boer                                Cuijk                     The Netherlands
–          Annita & Eef Bagerman                                 Cuijk                      The Netherlands
–         Anja Gosselink- de Grauw                             Haacht                   Belgium
–         Jan and Femke de Boer                                   Brussel                   Belgium
–         Sakha and Lia Lauwers                                 Hoofddorp               The Netherlands
–         Astrid Boerman                                            Amstelveen              The Netherlands
–        Jamilla en Gert Zegers                                  Cuijk                         The Netherlands
–        Hans van der Werff                                       Ermelo                      The Netherlands
–       Jac Gubbels                                                      Maasbree                 The Netherlands
–       Birgit Greuner                                                 Hannover                 Germany

Material sponsoring (=provide a service/ supply of materials):

–          Bram Perry                          Willemstad             Curacao
–          Soccer club JVC’31              Cuijk                The Netherlands
–        Printservice Cuijk             Cuijk                     The Netherland
–       Joyce Jacobs                       Cuijk                   The Netherlands
–        Gert Witte                      Ommen     The Netherlands

–        Dri3 (Druk met Reclame & ICT)    OmmenDri3
–        Schoolsupport              Utrecht       The Netherlands

Gifts and fundraising:
– Vitasens                         Arnhem              The Netherlands
– Stichting Via-passie Reizen     Cuijk          The Netherlands
 De 4-daagse sponsorloop       Nijmegen   The Netherlands

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