Adopt and support a child

There are different groups of vulnerable children who need your support the most:

You can sponsor the counselling and support of a special needs child with a development delay or disorder (e.g. ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia). With the Registration form sponsor program you can contribute on a monthly basis for the necessary care, guidance and support of these special needs children and their parents at home and at school. You will find more information under the tabs; Special needs sponsor program and Services.

You can also choose to financially adopt a child from an underdeveloped community with a low economic status. This means that you give the child structural financial support in the areas of personal care, education and / or medical care. This encourages them in their overall development and gives the child a chance for a better future. You can adopt a child for € 20, – per month. Of course you can also adopt one or more child (ren) together with your family, your sports team, your colleagues, etc. Please, find more information and the Registration form Adoption program under the tab; Programs – Financial Adoption Program.

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