Dreams in Africa (DiA) is a foundation that was founded in September 2010 by Noor van Hout, after having lived and worked in Africa twice (South Africa in 2007, Ghana in 2009). Africa, and the experiences that Noor has had there, have become an important part of her life. The people in the underdeveloped rural communities showed her that there is always hope, strength and faith even though the situation seems sad, painful and without any future perspective at times. For these reasons, Noor decided not only to contribute herself but also to making other people aware of the needs in developing countries in Africa. The underlying idea is that when you stand together, you accomplish more. Noor would like to encourage people so that they will contribute for a better future for the most needy and vulnerable, especially women and children. This can happen by getting involved with The Dreams in Africa Foundation and by participating in one of the programs.

Samen dromen... Akpeko, dream BIG!

Motto: “Dream BIG, aim high and live your dream!”
Everybody has the right to dream, live his or her dream and try to make their dream a reality. Noor believes that when you have dreams, there is hope for a better future!

Mark, aim high! Kwadzo, live your dream!

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