Means and activities

This aim can be achieved by increasing the self-sustainability and independence of the population. This can be done in the following ways:

Een nieuwe school in Ghana.

–          To support and improve education and give information and training about important subjects (like medical training, HIV/Aids awareness, social skills and self-image, information communications technologies (ICT), agriculture, finance etc.);
–          To give out micro credits (loans) and scholarships;
–          To initiate and support sport events and income-generating projects.

Het meiden voetbalteam

The income-generating projects are mainly focused on local entrepreneurship. This means that these projects need leadership from the local people; and that local products are made and produced for personal or community use so that the people can be self sufficient.
These products are sold in the local, national, and international market. This includes agriculture products generated from farmland, vegetable gardens, farm animals, bakery and jewelry and crafts made by local craftsmanship and trades (like pottery, glass beads /-necklaces, bracelets, oil lamps, traditionally woven fabrics, etc.).

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