Development work helps, when you take some important requirements into account:
–          Working together with the local people on location is possible when you maintain certain ideas such as the accessibility of the target group and the availability of local workers, with whom we cooperate with on location. Further, the local initiative (project) is started on a small scale basis so that it can be determined that the goal is workable. We keep in mind when the development project runs well, expansion can happen little by little.
–          Consistency, sustainability, and empowerment are important keywords in our work. We wish to empower the local people (the community) so they can become self-sufficient and independent. With help in educationtraining, and schooling, this is possible. This is much easier said than done because we have to take into account the people’s way of thinking, educational level and background, local traditions, habits and values.
–          It is only when the local and traditional culture is taken into account that sustainability can become reality. We ask questions when needed. It is necessary to adapt to the needs and capabilities of the people constantly, so that you may monitor your methods to fit the request of the people. The initiative does not only have to come from locals but also working actively together with them is an important requirement.
–          Normally, the western influence is only temporary. The initiative should be active in the local community. Ideally, a local person should be in charge, take responsibility and direct the project. If this is not the case, the project will be watched and then transferred to the active local party. It is very important during this watching period to keep direct communication possible between the parties as well as on a national and international level. After all, the goal is to establish an independently functioning local development project.

Keywords: on small scale, empowerment, sustainability, consistency, self-sufficient, support, education, training, information transfer, local community, cooperation, monitoring, direct communication, transfer, development project.

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