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Klik op het Engelse vlaggetje rechtsbovenin.(Individual) Child Support

Every child and adolescent between the ages of 0-21, who experiences difficulties in their daily life activities, can use some extra support and special attention.

For example, children and youth with:

  • A delay in reaching developmental milestones
  • Speech or communication problems
  • Behaviour problems
  • Poor co-ordination/mobility
  • Low cognitive ability
  • Poor attention span
  • Poor perception and memory
  • Poor social skills
  • Inappropriate or immature personal behaviour
  • Decreased motivation
  • Poor self-concept
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of gross and fine motor skills
  • Emotional disturbance

We diagnose and support children who lack behind in school and experience problems with social (peer) relationships and/or face problems at home. We cooperate closely with parents/caregivers and involve them during the guidance and support we offer to their child.

Family Support/ Parenting Advice

Holistic child development support services for parents and siblings. By understanding your child’s developmental needs and learning how to respond, parents and siblings can guide their child/sibling to reach his/hers highest potential – social-emotionally, academically, physically and spiritually.

Home consultation provides practical guidance for parents. We offer professional services and work together to lead parents through changes and different stages in their child’s development. E.g. fostering functional skills development (practical life activities, self-help skills), creative development, social and personal skills development (self-discipline, self-esteem, confidence), and language development.

Parent Support includes: child care and play, activities and learning at home, fostering creativity, practical tips on parenting techniques, based on observation, conversation and cooperation with the parent or caregiver.

The service begins with in-home consultation, training and then combines with telephone consultation to give parents access to expert help every day as and when they need it.

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