About us

The Dreams in Africa Foundation was founded in September 2010 by Noor van Hout. She has been to various countries in Africa and lived and worked in Ghana for 7 years. The continent and its unique experiences have taken on a special and important meaning in her life. In the underdeveloped rural communities, the people have shown Noor that there is always hope, strength and confidence, no matter how poor and without prospects for the future the situation is. That is why Noor is determined to not only contribute personally, but also to make as many other people as possible aware of the distress and needs in Ghana’s underdeveloped communities.

Noor in Ghana, Klikor, Friends Home
Noor van Hout, Hein van Hout, Nellie van de Kroon, Klikor, David Kporfor, Friends Home

Together with her parents, brother and family on the board and many acquaintances as support, Noor ran the foundation for 13 years. In 2023 Noor and most other board members decided to quit. The foundation has been handed over to a new board. Maartje has been a board member for a while, did an internship for six months at one of the projects and is now continuing the work with a new team.

Noor van Hout, Maartje van Leuven, take over, meeting, 2023, new board