Future Stars



Future Stars International is an NGO based in Buduburam, Central Region of Ghana. They strive to increase educational and healthcare opportunities for vulnerable children in Buduburam. 

Future Stars currently provides education and guidance to 200 less fortunate children between the ages of 4 and 21.


  1. Creating educational opportunities and reducing illiteracy
  2. Investigate the local causes of child labor in order to combat it
  3. Organize seminars on health and diseases (HIV/AIDS) to create awareness
  4. Focusing on children’s self-confidence to increase their ability and capacity
  5. Learning about gender equality through discussion

Mission & vision

Promoting education in poor rural areas and setting up self-reliance projects that enable people to lift themselves out of poverty. We focus on empowering people, especially the less priviliged, so that they become agents of change in their own environment.

Future Stars sees the power of youth to be leaders of change in their communities. They strive to provide young people with the necessary knowledge to take action and empower them to work towards change. Students are encouraged to not only learn information, but also to apply it in practice and to share the knowledge with their families and neighbors.


  • Education: Future Stars has a school in Buduburam that provides 200 less privileged children from the community with access to school and lunch. The primary school has helped establish the organization’s name and trust with Ghana Education Service.
  • Child labor project: Children are forced into labor in Buduburam and the fishing villages (Senya and Fetteh), for years and with little to no compensation. Some children work because of their family’s financial situation; out of desperation the family forces their children to work for a little money. We strive to eliminate child labor through education, rehabilitation and increasing community self-reliance.