The Board

Maartje van Leuven – Chairwoman
Since a youth trip to Uganda, it has been my dream to study social work and work in the continent of Africa. I realized that people in Uganda also have dreams, but in Uganda it is a greater challenge to make them come true than in the Netherlands. In 2018 I fell in love with Ghana and in 2022 I went to Ghana again for seven months. In 2021 I became a board member of this foundation. A year later Noor told me that she was quitting the foundation. A big shock… but I did see an opportunity to continue the work. And so I did.

Rob van Leuven – Treasurer
My name is Rob van Leuven, married to Janet and father of Maartje and Laura. I have a coaching & consultancy firm in the field of investing. Before that I was a teacher. Before I was asked to become treasurer, I was involved as a donor in Dreams in Africa. I think it would be nice as treasurer to be able to ensure that funds end up where they are intended to be, which is primarily children’s education. But I do realize that a child with an empty stomach or an illness cannot learn.

Janet van Leuven – Secretary
My name is Janet van Leuven, mother of Maartje. I joined the board of Dreams in Africa as secretary. In daily life I work in the Hof van Loon, a care center for elderly. My hobbies are puzzles and badminton. In 2022 we visited Maartje when she was doing an internship in Ghana. We saw with our own eyes what a fantastic country it is, and experienced why Maartje lost her heart in Africa! It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I would like to commit myself to this foundation!

Moses Dsane – Cultural expert
My name is Moses Dsane, I live in Cuijk. I have been following the newsletters of Dreams in Africa’s activities in Ghana for years. I think the foundation is doing well and Noor’s enthusiasm is so contagious that it had infected me. Especially since I was born in Ghana and now that I am retired I find it more interesting to help take the foundation to the next level. Especially now with young blood as chairman, namely Maartje.

Wesley Martens – Law and human rights expert
My name is Wesley Martens, a master of law with a specialization in human rights and I currently work in the banking sector. I am committed to ensuring that support from our foundation reaches the right people. The ultimate goal is to make an actual contribution to the self-reliance of the children. In this self-reliance, the interests of the child must come first. Every child deserves to develop in an environment of love, safety and good support. I would like to work hard for that.

Frank Peters
Some time ago I got to know Maartje and Janet van Leuven during a radio interview about Dreams in Africa. Their enthousiasm made me want to join their team. I live in Mill and I earn my living as a self-employed person. As a board member I will take care of the PR and fundraising together with Maartje. I hope the foundation will rais enough funds this year to provide funds for Future Stars and Friends Home.