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The Dreams in Africa Foundation is largely financially dependent on sponsors and donors. We keep our bow as small as possible. Our expenses are the website with domain, the bank subscription and the expenses of our sponsorship campaigns.

All sponsors and interested parties will be informed about the developments of the projects through this website and/or a newsletter.

You can help us by:

Becoming a friend:
As a friend, you support our foundation every month with 5 euros or an amount of your choice. This allows us to help local partners set up a project.

Would you also like to become a friend/donor? Send an email to info@dreamsinafrica.org or text / call +31 6 85013175.

Single donation:
If you would like to make a single donation generally or for one of the projects, you can do so in the name of:

The Dreams in Africa Foundation.
IBAN: BE96 9676 6803 3205

Kind sponsor-programma

Friends Home
Ernest, Kwadzo, Akpeko

You can also choose to sponsor a child. This means that you provide a vulnerable child with financial support in the areas of personal care, education and/or medical care. Thereby you are encouraging the child in his/her development and helping to have a better future. You can sponsor a child from €20 per month. You can of course also sponsor one or more children together with your family, your sports team, your colleagues, etc.

The incoming sponsorship funds directly benefit the children of The Friends foundation in Klikor or Future Stars in Buduburam. Both NGO’s have contact with several vulnerable families. They also have a children’s home where children are cared for who cannot live at home for various reasons. For example child labor, abuse, mistreatment or lost parents. We believe that poverty should never be a reason to place a child in a children’s home. Your help ensures that as many children as possible can continue to live at home and makes a difference for their future!


1. Because we do not want to make a distinction between the children, it is possible that the money given will be divided over more children then the one assigned to you. When the number of children needing support is more than the sponsoring parents, the money is distributed as best as possible.

2. You can indicate whether you want to sponsor a young child aged 0-12 years or an adolescent aged 12-21 years. Life for the (older) adolescent is considerably more expensive than for a young child. School costs are increasing; In secondary school, children often stay in a ‘boarding house’ because the schools are too far away to travel every day. Please take this into account when deciding on the support you want to/can provide.

3. Background information about the children will be provided to the sponsoring parents in trust and in consultation with the child (when the child is old enough) or guardian. Contact with the child can be established and maintained through correspondence.

Victor en Richard @ Senior Secondary School
Amina met haar nichtje

Email or call us with your registration or questions.

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With the acquired ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status, all your donations are tax deductible.